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Off Road Camper Trailer, Off Road Caravans


The Complete Vision

Our vision is to inspire the adventurous and provide you with hardware to enable you to experience true freedom out on the open road. Established for over two decades now, we have launched range after range of off road camper trailers and caravans which can allow you to traverse the Australian landscape in the highest level of comfort, safety and style.

Whether you are a family seeking a quality vacation or an adventurous free spirit looking for the ultimate off road experience, we have a range of new camper trailers and off road caravans designed with you in mind.

Product Range

Our range of caravans and trailers are available in all sorts of styles, shapes and functions as well as to suit budgets of all sizes. As all of our products are Australian made you can be sure the quality design and features are built with you in mind.

From our hard floor range providing excellent comfort and quality to our hybrid variations boasting exceptional style, luxury and features. There are a multitude of standard variations available and even customisable options, here at Complete Campsites we’re confident you will find the perfect companion for your outdoor adventure.

  • Australian made
  • High quality
  • Award winning products and services

How We Can Help You

We are always striving to be the best in the industry, and we have won major awards throughout all aspects of our business including the design, build quality as well as for our dealer and retail services.

If you’re looking to buy a new camper trailer or caravan or are just wanting to find out more information about the product best for you – please call us today on 1300 859 084.

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