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We are very proud to announce that we have won the Camper Trailer Of The Year award for 2014-in two categories! AGAIN!

group celebrating at sunset

Camper Trailer Australia Magazine has awarded Complete Campsite with first place in both the Soft Floor and Hybrid categories, and we came second by just 19 points (out of a possible 600) in the Hard Floor category.

All the details are in the Camper Trailer Australia Magazine, issue 73, in stores from today. For more info, check out:

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WINNER: Soft Floor (Anniversary Model)        Score: 538/600


complete campsite off road trailer towing

What the judges said: 

The soft floor camper market is where Complete Campsite started, and with its Anniversary Edition-10 years since the arrival of the proprietors Grant and Jodie Joyce-it has hit the nail squarely on the head with an incredibly fine tuned camper trailer.

Emma Ryan-This camper further evidences my long held theory that nothing Complete Campsite does is less than immaculate. Every detail on the Soft Floor Anniversary is thoughtful and beautifully presented, from the carpeted and LED-lit myriad storage compartments to that transformer of a kitchen, which swings, swivels and unfolds in a veritable square dance of user-friendly functionality.

This camper has been designed by intelligent campers and carefully crafted to ensure life at camp is a breeze. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the ultimate soft floor.

Mike Pavey-An excellent touring trailer with most comforts. Innovation comes from the moisture seals on the ensuite zip, the ensuite design, bed bag, thermal roof, pump-from-stream option, and the front storage platform. A well built and packaged camper trailer. Good resale thanks to the strength of the Complete Campsite Brand

Stu Jones-This camper has got even better-a perfect tourer for the larger family. Plenty of innovation there-what about that kitchen?! I like the thought that goes into everything-it’s right up there for specs and comforts. This was the only camper with the easy-move ratchet jockey wheel. A lot of camper, with quality fittings and good resale.

David Cook- It’s as self sufficient as you could ask for. The capacity to handle almost any water source in some way, along with solar, plenty of battery storage and a rugged build means you’re unlikely to get caught out. The camper goes up as easily as it goes down. This would be very easy to live with.

WINNER: Hybrid (Anniversary Exodus 14) Score: 544/600

complete campsite hybrid camper trailer towing

What the judges said: 

Emma Ryan-Now this is what I call a well equipped home away from home. So well equipped, in fact, you could do away with your ‘real’ home altogether and live in the bush! It’s got comfortable internal living space with heating and cooling options, as well as access to facilities including a kitchen, so it’s suited for inclement weather.

The outside kitchen is a classic Complete Campsite number; functional, stylish, spacious and extremely user friendly. You’ll be self sufficient for yonks with solar power and a water system so advanced it can even draw externally, filter, and refill the main tank. All in all, awesome!

Phil Lord-This is a very good camper for it’s intended purpose-it strikes the right balance between size and features, is well made and feels solid. Overall it’s got a very high standard of finish.

John Willis- This is excellent. A little heavy, but just look at what you get: a great combination of ideas refined by experienced industry leaders. It’ll go anywhere, do anything for extended periods-it’s got the lot. This is a pleasure to see, feel and tow. It’s definitely got the X-factor-wow!

Stu Jones-The best on test for self sufficiency by some distance-a 10/10 easily. My personal favourite comforts were the thermostat controlled interior fan to keep the inside at a desirable temperature. Hey-wouldn’t your other half be happy if you dragged this one home!

FINALIST: Hard Floor (Anniversary Model)  Score: 525/600

towing complete campsite camper trailer

Phil Lord-This is a well executed camper trailer with the right blend of features, quality and good design. I like how the power and water systems are all integrated and simple to use. I don’t like having to constantly source more supplies when set up at camp, so the fact you can top up your water supply, if you’re camping near a creek or river, is fantastic.

The kitchen is a pearler, spacious and with heaps of storage, and the large fridge/freezer is great for families.

John Willis-The quality of finish is exceptional, as per usual when you’re talking Complete Campsite. The build quality is also excellent, and the presentation of the whole camper is beautiful. And offroad-this thing is tough. I’d be more than happy to haul this down the toughest tracks. As for self-sufficiency, it’s got 99%-all it needs is me!

David Cook-I liked how the winch could lift the floor, which enabled the camper to be moved around without having to completely pack it away. The location of the doors permits the use of bunks at the end of the floor for children, making this camper more family friendly than Aussie Swag. This has ‘wow’ factor, with quality finish and plenty of features. Any Complete Campsite product will have good resale value and be in high demand.

Mike Pavey-This is an excellent touring trailer with heaps of comforts and plenty of innovation. The finish is excellent. It’s got a substantial chassis, Zincanneal body work, and top quality components. It’s a well built, packaged camper with plenty of comforts and good resale value.

Camper Trailer Australia Magazine really put the trailers through their paces and we’re absolutely stoked with the results.  There is heaps more information in the mag so go and grab yourself a copy today. We’d like to congratulate all the other contestants on their successes-it was very stiff competition amongst the most elite camper trailers in Australia.