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by Alan
Published: December 13, 2018 (1 month ago)

Exodus 14 Anniversary Model with internal ensuite. Registered December 2014 $80,000 ONO

Unfortunately due to medical reasons, we need to sell our hybrid Camper Trailer, Exodus 14 Anniversary Model with internal ensuite. This model had a lot of extra features, but this one has it all plus a lot of extra CC factory fitted extras. Go to the CC website for details of the standard model inclusions. Look at the photos for details of some of the extras which include:

  • storage box on the extended front draw bar (great for storing your camping chairs),
  • a very special electric linear actuator that makes it easy to raise and lower the roof (17 seconds up, 15 seconds down… more stretching and pushing)
  • Complete Campsite’s full extended canvas annexe (and a spare light weight one)
  • double electrically operated steps (includes a night light, to make it safer to enter and exit at night)
  • internal ensuite (toilet and shower, as well as the external lift up camper extension at the rear)
  • Dometic air conditioner
  • improved jockey wheel (adopted as a standard on later models)
  • extra handles on the camper front (these make it safer and easier to climb up to the roof and solar panels)
  • dual rear camera system (with microphone, to make it easier to direct as you reverse into your camp site)
  • extra wiring (red plug) for connecting internet access antennae for remote area access
  • outside light switch (so you can turn on/off the outside lights without opening the camper door (makes it easier to unlock the door when it is dark)
  • wheels (17 inch Toyota Landcruiser 200 series five stud, including the spare
  • extra underbody water tank (when you really want to go bush)
  • diesel water/internal heater (note the divider in this locker and in the fridge area, keeps things in their place
  • extra Royal Doulton 0.5 micron water filter on the internal sink
  • extra TV outlets (including a TV/DVD, on a mounted arm) and power points (including extra 240 and 12v outlets on both sides of the bed)
  • Lithium ion batteries (replacing the standard AGM type).

And there is even more, so if you are interested please ring Alan on 0408505666.