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It's always a delight when you receive positive feedback and know that your teams hard work is appreciated. Well done Lynette for doing an awesome job always. And thank you Steve and Kim for your kind words!  ...

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complete campsite towing trailercomplete campsite towing trailer

After many years of a very happy and successful partnership, we announce our Queensland agent, Long Point RV, will no longer be working with us as of January 2019 and we wish them well for the future. Moving into 2019, we will be implementing a...

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track in between small forest off-road campingtrack in between small forest off-road camping

The Australian outback is a wondrous place. Filled with spectacular sites both of scenic and historical interest, it is filled with magical destinations perfect for camper trailer touring. If you already own a camper trailer, you will love exploring the outback. Camper trailers are easy...

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complete campsite fair tradingcomplete campsite fair trading

2018 has so far produced some pretty surprising events in the world of camper trailers. It has seen three prominent Australian camper trailer manufacturers go into liquidation, including Aussie Swag, Kimberly Campers and Ultimate Campers. These recent closures undoubtedly create nervousness among those looking to...

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camper trailer camping site in dry areacamper trailer camping site in dry area

The ultimate camper trailer touring setup guide Whether you are new to the world off camper trailers or a well-versed veteran, there are plenty of tips and tricks to streamline the setup. With many of the top holiday destinations being spread across Australia, it can take...

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