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camper trailer standind in front of seacamper trailer standind in front of sea

We have done many different types of camping from tents, to cheap soft floor camper trailers, to expensive soft floor camper trailers and if we had our time again we would have saved ourselves a whole heap of money and bought the right camp set up the first time. Because we have experienced all different types of camping we know exactly what we want in a camper and we have found it in the Complete Campsite Exodus 16.

Let me give you a run-down of how we have evolved as campers.  Starting out, my husband (then boyfriend) had a dome tent, a blow-up mattress and gas lights. This all sounded really good for a person that had only camped once before as a child. On our first trip together we didn’t give much of a thought to what time of year it was, Winter! The June long weekend at South West Rocks, the air in the air mattress was ice cold, I didn’t sleep the whole night, I was freezing. The next time we camped with this setup was the October long weekend at Seal Rocks, this time it poured down rain and our mattress was floating around inside our tent, again no sleep.

We had a friend that had travelled around Australia and suggested we get a camper trailer, so we went to the Sydney Caravan and Camping Show for a look and impulsively bought ourselves a $16,000 soft floor camper trailer, this camper trailer did us well. We had it for many years and we loved it, but then the children came along and our easy set up didn’t seem that easy anymore.

We had a 6-week trip planned for Cape York, by this stage camper trailers had evolved dramatically from what we had. So again, we went to the Sydney Camping and Caravan Show and impulsively upgraded and bought another soft floor camper trailer this time we spent $45,000. Unfortunately, we were not happy with all aspects of our trailer, certain parts of the camper trailer were really good and other parts not so good. After the 6-week trip to Cape York we were disappointed with the trailer, we expected a lot more, especially for $45,000 worth!


family standing northernmost point of australian contenent

Cape York, QLD 2017

Our Cape York trip gave us the bug to travel around Australia, I mean we always said we wanted to do it but never really had the heart. When we got home we started to plan the trip. We had to upgrade again as we believed we couldn’t take the trailer we had because we were worried it wouldn’t last the trip. The bed was way to uncomfortable and plus it was too hard to set up and pack up every day, so we put a list together of what we wanted out of our camp set up.

  • To still feel like we were camping
  • An outside kitchen
  • Easy to set up and pack down
  • Easy to tow
  • Able to tow anywhere
  • Airbags
  • Running water
  • Diesel hot water system
  • Little canvas
  • Storage
  • Comfortable bed
  • All beds set up, so we didn’t need to make a bed when setting up


We shopped around and did our research and kept coming back to the Complete Campsite, Exodus Range. The Exodus Range stood out to us because it ticked all the boxes. It’s easy to set up and pack down, the kitchen is outside, its quality made and well designed. But the things that really sold us was the strength of the full fibreglass shell, the ease of the ensuite pod and the plumbing system with the external draw. We booked an appointment with Complete Campsite and process was so easy. We were able to set up and pack up the Exodus 16 in the showroom and basically, what you see is what you get. There was no need to add a whole heap of extras onto the trailer, the only major extra we added was airbags, otherwise we just got end walls and awning extensions.  

family under cloudy sky while camping

Lake Eyre, SA 2018


It’s now been 6 months on the road and we’ve driven our Exodus 16 through the notorious Old Telegraph Track at Cape York, Fraser Island without getting bogged and done about 5000km on corrugated dirt roads. All I can say is good things about our camper, we have nailed it this time, getting the right set up for our family. The Exodus has passed the test for us.


How have you evolved as a camper?


Bonnie Garrard

Follow our trip around Australia

Facebook – Cruisen around aus

Instagram – @cruisen_around_aus


complete campsite under blue sky

Diamantina Development Rd, On the way to Big Red Bash 2018