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Camper trailers are the perfect way to explore Australia. Whether you are heading off to a beautiful beach or exploring the expansive red centre, an off road camper trailer is the way to go. For many people, there are two common questions on their mind. The first is ‘what is the best camper trailer for a family?’ The second is ‘how to make an off-road camper trailer safer?’
Generally, modern camper trailers are already extremely safe. But there are some essential camper trailer safety tips that you can use for added peace of mind. 
From camper trailer kitchen hacks to off road camper trailer towing. Staying safe while touring Australia has never been easier. Our essential safety tips will help make sure your camper trailer trip is as memorable and positive as possible.


Choosing The Best Camper Trailer

When it comes to choosing the best off-road camper trailer for exploring Australia, you have many options available. If you find yourself asking ‘what camper trailer should I buy?’ You first need to consider the vehicle that you have. 
Smaller cars may find it difficult to tow a large off road camper trailer, especially when faced with steep inclines or dirt tracks. The majority of modern 4 WDs will find it easy to tow a large camper trailer.
That’s not to say that a smaller car cannot tow a camper trailer with ease. The Complete Campsite Fraser XTE has been crafted for maximum durability and minimal weight load. While streamlined for easier off-road towing, there is no compromise with quality and technology.


Road Safety Tips

When towing an off-road camper trailer, the amount of time required to stop increases. It is a good idea to make sure that there is sufficient distance between you and other vehicles. It is also important to remember that towing a camper trailer increases your vehicle length.
When you want to pass another vehicle on the road, you should take the additional length into account. If you don’t have much experience with towing a camper trailer, it is recommended to stay in the left hand lane and remain slightly under the speed limit.
Lastly, reverse parking with an off-road camper trailer can prove to be tricky at times. Before heading out on the open road, take a little bit of time to practice reversing. As with everything, practice makes perfect. The more confident you feel performing certain maneuvers, the more fun the experience will be.


Camper Trailer kitchen Safety Tips

When towing your off-road camper trailer, making sure everything is secured down is a good idea. Steep inclines and rough terrain can cause objects to shift to precarious locations. No one wants to open a cupboard and get hit on the head by a bottle of wine. 
For maximum safety, it is recommended to store large and heavy objects in plastic bins. This not only prevents things falling on the little ones. It also helps with better weight distribution and stability during towing. 
While many people like to carry glass mugs, plates and bowls. These have a habit of shattering, sending shards of glass across the camper trailer. To prevent cut feet, switch out glass or china for lightweight and inexpensive plastic ones.
Lastly, it is always a good idea to have a small fire extinguisher on hand. If you are traveling with kids, show them how to use it in case of an emergency. When touring in a camper trailer, fires are everywhere. From the stove to the barbecue and the campfire. Fire safety is important to know from the youngest to the oldest of the group.


Camper Trailer Safety At Night

Navigating a camper trailer in the middle of the night can be difficult. Trying not to wake sleeping people and avoiding countertop edges can be a minefield.
There are two ways to combat this. The first is to run a strip of glow in the dark tape along the floor. This can provide a lightless floor plan helping you avoid cupboards, counters and plastic bins. The second option is to use an LED night light.
If you are traveling with young kids and worried that they will escape during the night. You can close the zippers toward the top of the door out of arm’s reach. A glow stick attached to the zipper can help you locate it quickly and easily when the sun sets.
Glow sticks can also be attached to any guide ropes outdoors. This is especially useful if you are staying somewhere without any external lighting. A small set of steps can prevent people from taking a tumble when heading outside in the dead of night. Again, a strip of glow tape can be used on the edge of each step as a night time guideline.


Safety Accessories For Your Camper Trailer

It goes without saying that a well-stocked first aid kit is always a good idea when heading off road in your camper trailer. Basics such as plasters, bandages, gauze, rubbing alcohol, activated charcoal tablets and insect repellent should be included.
Other things to have on hand include sunscreen, after sun lotion, portable water bottles, torches and a solar powered mobile phone charger. Hopefully, you won’t have any need for these, but it’s always better to be well prepared when heading away from civilization.
It is also wise to carry wedges with you for parking on inclines or uneven surfaces. These provide added peace of mind and ensure that your off-road camper trailer is a secure and level as possible.


Final Thoughts on Off Road Camper Trailer Safety Tips

Touring Australia in an off-road camper trailer is the perfect way to create special family memories. Remember, when towing a camper trailer it is better to reduce your speed and take your time reaching your destination. After all, with so many beautiful spots to explore along the way, there is no need to rush.
Going off road and being ready for all types of situations allows you to relax and enjoy your time away. Whether you are traveling with family or alone, optimal camper trailer safety helps you make the most of your experience.