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Do you freight interstate?

Yes we do. We frequently manufacture camper trailers and freight them to all over Australia. We have agents in NSW, WA, QLD & VIC, SA & TAS but are not limited to these states.

Do your camper trailers come with a warranty?

Yes, all of our trailers come with a 2-year warranty to give customers that extra piece of mind.

How do I maintain the canvas on my tent?

The following is an extract on how to maintain the canvas on your tent. We ask our customers to follow these instructions to ensure that you get the maximum life out of your canvas.

When will you be attending a caravan/camping show near me?

Please check our shows page. It is regularly updated and contains an extensive list of our up and coming exhibitions.

Are your camper trailers manufactured in Australia?

Yes, all of our camper trailers are manufactured entirely at our factory/showroom in Lisarow NSW from, wherever possible, 100% Australian made materials. Our focus is on quality and we do not use cheaper imported materials. Click here to take a look at how our trailers are manufactured.

Do you have options available to cater for customers with disabilities?

Yes, our camper trailers are fully customised to suit your needs. Give us a call to discuss your requirements with us. Also, have a read of a testimonial from Brian Timewell.

What sort of car do I need to tow one of your camper trailers?

Mid sized SUV’s are suitable for some of our range. Our trailers have complete off-road capability, so a suitable tow vehicle would be one that can also handle rough terrain.

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