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Project Description

Complete Campsite’s new Exodus 16 allows you to get off the bitumen and explore the most remote landscapes in style and comfort.

Building on the outstanding success of its smaller siblings, the Exodus 11 & 14, the Exodus 16 combines innovative manufacturing techniques to minimise weight yet maintain strength for those rugged conditions.

The Exodus 16 comes with all the quality essentials and comforts you have come to expect in any Complete Campsite product. You’ll love your queen-sized bed with innerspring mattress, quality upholstered seating and large dining facilities, luxury stainless steel kitchen, ample and convenient storage, hot-water and ducted heating. All this and more, enables you to enjoy the comforts of home whilst exploring the Australian outdoors.

Simple to set up with minimal effort, and the option to add additional bedding, means the Exodus 16 is appealing to families and couples alike. Just park, lift the roof, set-up the external kitchen and your home is ready for living – wherever you are.

Project Details

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