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If you are planning on touring Australia or long-term camping for an extended period of time. You may be wondering which type of camper trailer is best for long-term camping. There are two important things to think about when planning your long-term getaway.
The first thing that you need to think about is the type of camper trailer that is best for your needs. The second thing you need to think about is the types of facilities, amenities and technology that you will require. 
Exploring Australia in an off-road camper trailer can be extremely comfortable and convenient. A complete campsite off road camper trailer or hybrid camper trailer are both perfectly designed for long-term travel.


Aim For Easy Setup

When you spend hours on the road every day making your way to your next destination. The last thing that you want to be doing is spending hours setting up your camper trailer. 
A fantastic option for extremely quick setup is the complete campsite Fraser XTE. The off-road camper trailer can be set up with the click of a button on the remote control.
A hybrid camper trailer, such as the Complete Campsite Exodus 11 offers all of the comforts of a caravan and off-road camper trailer combined. The best thing about a hybrid camper trailer is that set up is minimal allowing you to settle into your site as soon as you pull up.


Think About Towing

When it comes to touring Australia, you can cover huge distances from destination to destination. An off-road camper trailer for long-term camping is much lighter than towing a caravan. The less weight you are pulling behind your vehicle, the less fuel you are going to be burning through.
Off-road camper trailers also make driving easier and safer. Not only do you face less wind resistance, but you can also see the road behind you in your rearview mirror. You will undoubtedly be heading into the bush during your long-term camping trip. This is where an off-road camper trailer really comes into its own.
As you venture off the beaten track, you will most likely come across extremely difficult terrain. A lightweight camper trailer makes it easy to navigate through dried-up riverbeds, dirt tracks and up steep inclines. With many of Australia’s most beautiful destinations being in the bush, a camper trailer provides an unrestricted way of reaching them.


Staying Away From Campsites

Long-term camping usually involves staying in remote and isolated areas. If you plan on spending the majority of your time away from civilization, then you will want to be as self-sufficient as possible.
There is no better way to enjoy a self-sufficient long-term camper trailer trip than with a hybrid camper trailer. As an example, the Complete Campsite Exodus 14 features solar panels mounted on the roof off the camper trailer that can provide over 500 watts of solar power if required.
It also comes with up to 270 litres of water storage capacity. The drop-down stabilizer legs make it easy to set up in almost all types of terrain. And the external kitchen comes fully equipped with an 82 litre fridge, a 3 burner stove and benchtops. The internal kitchenette has plenty of storage space and a sink with hot and cold mixer taps.
While a hard floor off road camper trailer is also suitable for long-term camping. Nothing quite beats the style and comfort offered by a hybrid camper trailer when exploring Australia’s remotest regions. 


Comfort is King

The longer you expect to stay in your camper trailer, the more you are going to appreciate comfort. In fact, one of the biggest questions people ask about long-term camping in Australia is how to do it comfortably.
To make the most out of your trip you are going to want to get a good night’s sleep – every night. Driving long distances can be exhausting and there is nothing worse than an uncomfortable camper trailer bed. A hard floor off road camper trailer typically has slightly less space than a soft floor camper trailer. However, hard floor camper trailers tend to offer increased comfort. 
A hybrid off-road camper trailer such as the Complete Campsite Exodus 16 takes comfort to the next level. The inbuilt queen size bed comes with an innerspring mattress. The hot water system provides a relaxing warm shower in the evening. Temperature control is easy with the air circulation fan that can remove hot air or circulate cool air inside.


Size Matters

The best way to work out what type of camper trailer is best for long-term camping is to know how long you will be away for. Typically, the longer the duration is expected to be the bigger the camper trailer should be. This is partly due to the fact that you will most likely need to carry more personal belongings than you would on a short trip.
You will most likely want all of the comforts and essentials to make the most of your long-term camping trip. A great choice would be the Complete Campsite Exodus 16. Perfectly designed to head off road into the remotest landscapes in Australia. It comes with everything that you need no matter how long you will be away for.
From an external Gourmet Kitchen and a combination fridge freezer that has an 82 liter capacity. To the solar panels and 270 litre water capacity – Comfort has never looked so good. Other features include a roll-out awning, an inbuilt queen size bed with a spring mattress, exterior and interior LED lighting and dual USB outlets found throughout the camper trailer.


Long Term Camper Trailer Trip Conclusion

Ultimately, the perfect type of camper trailer best for long-term camping depends on how long you will be away for and what facilities you want. Regardless of where you intend on traveling to in Australia, you want to be as comfortable as possible.
If you spend months on the road in uncomfortable accommodation, then you won’t be able to truly enjoy the beauty surrounding you. Comfort is everything and you can’t go far wrong with an off-road hybrid camper trailer. A high quality and durable Australian-made off-road camper trailer can make all of your travel experiences positive ones.